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  • Lancaster ranked #1 as most stressful city in California.  Palmdale ranked #5. (Article July 16, 2014 – Antelope Valley Times)
  • Movoto Blog, the lighter side of real estate recently blog (source: Flickr user Thomas Hart) Lancaster as the #2 boring city in California.
  • The crime rate in Lancaster and Palmdale is above the national average of all cities in America from largest to the smallest.  Statistics show that for violent crimes, both cities are amongst the highest in the nation from largest to smallest cities in America.
  • Unemployment is above 12% in Lancaster and around 11% in Palmdale.  Both cities unemployment rate are above the national average.


With the above challenges to overcome and a growing population of youth in the Antelope Valley, there is a strong need to provide comprehensive academic, health and fitness, sports activities and community outreach program that embraces our youth from all walks of life an opportunity to participate and excel regardless of their socio-economic demographics.  A+ Sports Academy is that program.


A+ Sports Academy was established as a result of two significant incidents:


  1. 22 year old Junior College Baseball player Christopher Lane from Australia killed in Oklahoma City by three teenage boys because they were bored and wanted to have some fun.
  2. 13 year old Nigel Hardy, a local residence of Palmdale attending Hillview Middle School committed suicide for fear of being bullied.



Our ultimate goal is that every youth served by A+ Sports Academy reaches his/her full potential as a contributing member of society.




Provide our local youth with the understanding of the necessary socio-emotional, intellectual and life-skills training through sports and nutrition, and learning experiences that will empower them to become successful citizens contributing to a better tomorrow.





- Provide health and fitness (nutrition) to prevent obesity amongst our youth

- Provide academic achievement and life skill enrichment

- To keep our youth active and allow them the opportunity to play sports in a safe and controlled environment

-  Community Outreach and assist with making quality and productive citizens out of our local students


A+ Sports Academy is also operating within the Westside and Lancaster School Districts overseeing a College Bound Boys Club at Cottonwood Elementary School, Palmdale, California, El Dorado and Lincoln Elementary Schools in Lancaster, CA.





Motivated by the notion that all people can achieve success in life, A+ Sports Academy established in 2013 is a spin-off of Nicely Done Enterprise, Inc. established in 2005. Nicely Done Enterprise, Inc. provided after school services to the Los Angeles County of Education (LACOE) for three years until budget cuts adversely impacted the program. The scope of the program consisted of inspiring “at risk” youth to recognize their full potential and develop a plan for reaching their goals. Nicely Done Enterprises, Inc., consisted of athletics, academics and various life skill (to include sports, fashion shows, talent shows, spelling contest, picnics, field trips and etc.,) activities to attract and retain the interest of all after school participants.


Continuing to serve as a “mentor” and “coach” for various youth programs, the constant encouragement to revitalize Nicely Done Enterprise, Inc., began to have meaning. Integrating many of the concepts from Nicely Done Enterprise, Inc., the decision to establish A+ Sports Academy became a reality in 2013.


In the short span of operation, A+ Sports Academy has made in road with Los Angeles County in that they have approved sponsoring Foster kids the opportunity to participate in the program. As a result of the City of Los Angeles sponsorship, A+ Sports Academy has foster kids participating in the program.


A+ Sports Academy is also operating within the Westside School District overseeing a boy’s club lunch program at Cottonwood Elementary School, Palmdale, California.


We believe that the demonstrated experience and history of A+ Sports Academy makes for a sound foundation and strong building blocks for young men and women to grow personally and professionally.


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